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As Hoosiers and residents of Hamilton County, we have numerous issues that are important to us.  Donald Rainwater believes that several of these issues weigh in the balance during the next session of the Indiana General Assembly.

School Safety

With the recent school shooting in Noblesville, the issue of school safety has taken top priority in the minds of many Hoosiers - and rightfully so.  Our most valuable natural resource is our children.  Nothing should come before their safety and security.

Property Taxes

The current system of levying property taxes in Indiana creates a taxation-by-force system which infringes on individual property ownership.  The arbitrary nature of property value assessment by government also creates an uncertainty that creates financial instability for property owners.

This situation could be easily remedied by abolishing the current property tax system in Indiana and replacing it with a simple sales tax levy at the time of purchase.

Gun Laws

I fully support a Constitutional Carry law in Indiana.  I believe that requiring honest Hoosiers to apply for a permit to carry violates the 2nd Amendment.

Criminals do not apply for carry permits.  Criminals do not walk into legitimate gun retailers to purchase a firearm.  The laws that are currently on the books, as written, discourage responsible gun ownership and, as a direct byproduct, make it easier for criminals to gain the upper hand on law-abiding citizens.

Any legislation which gives "rights" to a certain group of class of people is, on its face, unconstitutional by inherently assuming the government's authority to grant "rights".

Medical Marijuana

As a Hoosier veteran myself, I am very concerned about the level of medical care available to our Hoosier veterans, especially those veterans who must battle pain management, both physical and psychological, on a daily basis.

As a potential candidate for the Indiana General Assembly, I am also very concerned about our state's opioid epidemic, especially among Hoosier veterans. State legislators are dropping the ball on this issue, I believe, because they are putting big pharmaceutical companies ahead of Hoosier veterans.

Unemployment Insurance and Workman's Compensation Insurance

Fellow Hoosiers, health insurance is not the only insurance that government needs to leave to the private insurance industry. If I am elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 2018, I will propose legislation to begin the process of converting Unemployment Insurance and Workman's Compensation Insurance from government programs into voluntary-participation, private insurance products, similar to critical illness and accident insurance.

21st Century Scholar Program

As with just about everything that the General Assembly tries to control and manage, the 21st Century Scholar program has failed to provide students with a means to pay for a college education and to provide taxpayers with a value proposition that equates to a return on investment.

Only 15% to 20% of the students who receive scholarships are graduating from college on time.  Because the General Assembly has increased the minimum standards to qualify for the program, many students who believed that they would qualify will not.

I propose that the students who qualify for this program should be assisted in obtaining student loans.  Then, upon college graduation, those student loans would be paid in full by the 21st Century Scholar program funding.

I also propose that the program funding be strategically shifted from a taxation model to a free market revenue model.  I believe that the concept of using a for-profit business model to generate revenue to fund a program such as 21st Century Scholar would not only provide a more vibrant funding model, but would also create new jobs.

Immigration Laws

While I am deeply concerned about the safety of every Hoosier and the economic opportunities available to every Hoosier, I understand that our nation's immigration policy has nothing to do with either of these issues.  Our nation's immigration policy is being used as a distraction by our government, and the Republican and Democrat parties, to create an excuse for their failures in areas such as the War on Drugs, job creation, and personal protection.

While we should have a process for immigration and naturalization, the current process has failed, due in large part to its unnecessary complexity and its designed connection to special interests which benefit directly from it. 

Special Interest Groups

I fully support the free association of like-minded people, whether it be individuals or businesses, with the intent of working toward a common goal. So, I support trade associations, labor unions, fraternal organizations, charities, churches, and any other association which becomes involved in the process of government.

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