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As your future Governor, I am committed to prioritizing actions that will have a positive impact on the lives of Hoosier households and small businesses. These priorities include:

  1. Putting Money Back in Your Pocket: I will work towards reducing or eliminating the state income tax, property tax on homes, state gasoline taxes, vehicle excise taxes, and utilities taxes. Your hard-earned money should stay where it belongs: with you.

  2. Enhancing K-12 Education: I firmly believe in universal school choice for all students. By fostering competition and innovation in education, we can create an environment that centers on our children’s needs rather than special interests.

  3. Responsible Government Spending: I will champion process improvement, establish robust contract management controls, and eliminate wasteful spending that does not directly benefit Hoosier citizens. Together, we can achieve a smaller, more efficient government while ensuring quality education and economic prosperity for all.


Better Government, NOT Bigger Government!

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